Our Services

We offer a variety of electrical services for both residential and commercial properties, including upgrades, repairs, replacements, and installations

solar systems
Solar systems
Experienced solar systems installers, both On-grid and Off-grid systems. Suppliers of solar panels with a guarantee of 25 years, solar batteries, inverters and all accessories associated with the installation of Hybrid system. We also do load analysis and solar system sizing, based on load analysis results.
General Electrical maintenance
GST Engineering carries out general electrical maintenance during plants shut downs and on running plants, based on agreed terms and conditions with the client. The company also does new electrical installations based on supplied drawing, commission and hand over to the client GST Engineering suppliers electrical cables, MCCBs, MCBs and all electrical consumables.
power backup
Power Backup
Supply, installation, service and maintenance of Generators, with reputable and original filters and oils. Faulty diagnosis on problematic generators.
air conditioner
Air Conditioning
GST Engineering is into air conditioner installations, servicing and maintenance. The company also supplies air conditioning equipment as per customers’ specifications.
General Lighting fittings
We supply all lighting fittings as well as fitting them. We also supply, LED bulbs, LED tubes, all sizes as well as LED Flood lights, from 10W to 300W. The company supplies down lights as specified by the end user.
Supplies electric motors, rewind motors, services motors and general motor maintenance.